The Team Goes 3-0

Another busy and successful week, well done to the people who was promoted in the BJJ classes this week

Muhammad 1st stripe White Belt

Arjan 1st stripe White Belt

Issac 1st stripe White Belt

Asad 3rd stripe white belt (jr)

Saturday we had 3 fighters compete in Stoke, first up was Omar Khan in his debut MMA fight who finished his fight by KO via a body punch.

Next up Shaq Jones who had a last minute replacement but kept his cool to finish his fight via a guillotine submission in the 1st round.

Last for Team Fulinkazan was Tom Mullen who started with some strong punches into a big takedown. It wasn’t long before Tom applied a darce choke submission to win his fight.

Head Coach Mark “Spen” Spencer had this to say about the week:-

” it has been another fantastic week, there has been a massive leap in our students progression in all our classes and all 3 guys winning on Saturday Night in Stoke only confirms this. We have some more big fights coming up over the next couple of weeks.

I firmly believe we are the best sports team in Bradford … we are coming for those 2017 Active Bradford Awards”