Temporary Gym Closure

We have been keeping up to date with the latest news on the Coronavirus and consulting with people we trust. After deep consideration and a lot of discussion we have decided to close the gym for the next two weeks. This is not something we want to do but with the Government recommending social distancing in an attempt to delay the spread of the virus before it reaches its peak we want to do everything we can to help.

We recognise that some gyms have closed and others are remaining open and we don’t judge anyone for the action they decide to take. It’s a very hard decision to make and we don’t think many are certain that their choice is the right one. Its important that we support each other as a community in this and help each other in any way we can.

We are looking at setting up some online facilities for our monthly members with solo drills that can be performed at home, instructionals on the techniques that would have been taught and an online forum so we can all keep in touch. Our monthly members will receive an email tomorrow with a logon to this.

We ask that those who can afford to keep paying their membership please continue to do so. We hope that our members recognise what we do and support us during this difficult time though we understand this is impacting a lot of people financially.

We will review the situation in 2 weeks time and provide an update. Thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

Marie and Mark