Open Door Policy

On Monday night we had a discussion and hopefully cleared up some concerns
around members of our team training at other gyms/team and visiting
fighters from other gyms. Just so there is no confusion I thought it would
be good summarise some of the key points:-

We have no issues with our fighters training with other teams/clubs/groups
as long as the fighter/student is training with the team and meeting the
minium amount of training with the Fulinkazan Team regularly.

If a Fulinkazan Team member is matched with a fighter from another gym you
would like to train at, please speak to Spen or James.

Visiting Fighters or other teams are welcome to train in all the classes we
hold apart from the Fight Team/Sparring, if you would like to attend these
sessions then please contact Spen/James prior to attending.

We want to encourage an open environment to learn and train with as many people
as possible, but we want to make sure we have the best interests of our
Team/Students in mind.

Contact Spen if you have any questions?