Beginners BJJ Course – Lesson 1

Here is a recap of your first BJJ Class .....

Beginner BJJ Course – Mount Escape – Lesson 1


Warm up –

Bridging (for Upa escape) and Shrimping (For knee push into half Guard)

Introduction –

We discussed the Mount position and the importance of escaping. We also talked through both self-defence and competition applications (Punching, getting submitted)

Drilling –

Upa escape –

  1. Discuss the Bridge and looking back to clear a gap
  2. Clearing any leg hooks before bridging
  3. Finishing position and posture

Knee push escape –

  1. We talked about breaking posture
  2. Clear leg hooks and getting on your side before pushing the knee
  3. We talked through the half guard and benefits over the mount

Cool down –

General stretching to cool down.

Here are some video's to help you learn ....