3 More MMA Titles

The Team headed down to Stoke to take part in the GPUK event, with Saleem, Jab, Shaq and Tom.

Saleem started the night for Fulinkazan, taking a fight on less than a weeks notice against an older and experienced fighter. Saleem clearly won the 1st round but lost the 2nd and 3rd. Saleem did great and at 16 will only get better.

Jabeed made short work of his opponent with a flurry of strikes and ended the fight via submission and became the GPUK 66kg title.

Tom was next he started off with powerful strikes which ended up dropping his opponent and controlled the fight with strong strikes and finishing again by submission.

Not to be out done, Shaq had a hell of a fight with some crazy exchanges but ending each round having his opponent in a submission finally finishing him in the 3rd round.