Kick Boxing

Which is the best Striking style? Boxing? Thai Boxing? Karate?

We Believe YOU should not limit yourself!

Kick the Boxer …. Punch the Kicker … Always have options

Our Kickboxing classes takes the best form the most effective skills and tools from multiple striking martial arts. Boxing for punching, Thai boxing for Knees/Elbows and TKD/Karate for fast powerful kicks.

We have coached British K1/Kickboxing Champions, British, European, World MMA Champions and Chris the plumber who wanted to lose weight. Our classes are fun, friendly and teach the skills you need to become an effective striker.

Our Kickboxing classes are on a Monday (6pm), Wednesday (6pm) and Saturday (12pm) all of these are suitable for beginners. We often run beginner courses so please check our “News” page for the latest’s deals, competitions, student success stories and the next beginners kickboxing course.


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