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My name is Suleyman Cetin, my martial arts journey started age 7 with Shotokan Karate and led me to my training in JKD/Kali in 2003 at the prestigious Bob Breen Academy in Hoxton Squre, London.

Over the years I have trained with many instructors in various systems and gained Black Belt and Instructor levels under Guro Bob Breen and Guro David Onuma. I teach classes at the superb Fulinkazan MMA Gym in Bradford and Victoria Hall in Saltaire starting on June 18th.


JKD was founded by Bruce Lee and means Way of the Intercepting Fist, a forerunner to Mixed Martial Arts, the objective of JKD is to use all and any techniques to defend yourself effectively. JKD is not a traditional martial art, it was very modern in it’s inception and continues to promote development and growth with integration as a key element. Using Boxing/Kickboxing as a base JKD emphasises on training all ranges of combat including Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling. The empty hand techniques of Kali, Silat and Grappling arts are integrated into the JKD classes.

Filipino Martial Arts refer to the arts known as Kali/Arnis/Escrima, as well as sub systems such as Panantukan/Suntukan (Filipino Boxing) found across the Philippines. FMAs date back to methods of warfare and combat of the indigenous people of the Philippines and surrounding areas. There is an overlap in the Martial Arts of South East Asia, such as Silat and Kuntao that have their place in FMAs that we integrate into our training.



Check all the programs we have available at SBG Bradford / Team Fulinkazan in the Bradford City Centre:-

Martial arts, BJJ, MMA and Kick boxing in the Bradford City Centre

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